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Certosa di Pontignano, b&b in Chianti, Siena, Toscana

The minor halls

Inside of the villa, located on the ground floor of the same and overlooking the wonderful balcony over the italian-style garden, are placed the minor halls of the Certosa.

This halls are usually at non-exclusive disposal for clients hosted at the Certosa, but they can be reserved for special events, such as weddings, gala dinners, seminars or conferences. The charm of the smaller rooms comes from the basic but functional furniture (many of the pieces are antique or vintage) and its position in the villa. Moreover, their versatility makes them suitable for many different types of activity and use.

All the rooms of the villa are connected via wi-fi network to high speed internet.

The "Sala del focolare"

The "sala del focolare", for breakfast or dinner in Tuscany.

This room is often chosen for private breakfast during important conferences, rather than from brides which read more ...

The "Sala Certosa"

The "sala Certosa", for meeting or small seminars in Tuscany

This room, with an access to the balcony of the italian garden, can accomodate about fifteen persons for meetings or small seminars. Read more ...

The "Sala dell'affresco"

The "sala dell'affresco", a meeting room in Tuscany

The "sala dell'affresco", another room of the Certosa di Pontignano, which can be used as a meeting room. Read more ...

The fireplace room

The fireplace room, for gala dinners or wedding in Tuscany near Siena.

This large room, with impressive roofs and late 18th century decorations, is an ideal location for gala dinners. Read more ...

The "Sala delle bugie"

Room for business dinner near to Siena in Tuscany

Overlooking the outer balcony, this room has a table for 12 diners. Here you can organize small business dinners or ... read more ...

The Chianti hall

The Chianti hall, for gala dinners or weddings in Tuscany, near to Siena.

The Chianti hall, which is named after the great fresco that reproduces the lands surrounding Siena and Florence, can be reserved as a bar area for weddings or ... read more ...